AppStorey NeXT Meetup by The AppStorey

Wednesday, June 15th
Begins 8:00 PM
Ends 11:00 PM
Map to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant
Tommy's Mexican Restaurant
5929 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA
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Event Description

You know the computer. Tell your NeXTSTEP story to AppStorey at the AppStorey WWDC Party! This is your chance to learn about, or even contribute to the making of the AppStorey video documentary. We're going to set the record straight. Voice your unique point of view to the making of history's greatest computer, and help tell how this one computer made a collosal impact on today's mobile computing world. You were part of computer history.

AppStorey T-shirts will be available to those who qualify for full or partial video interviews.

Professional photographers, producers will be there to capture it all so don't miss out!

Other Details

  • Party
  • Alcohol Available
  • Food Available
  • Open to All